6 reasons why crypto spring has sprung!

21 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen

The most recent crypto winter hasn’t faded from the minds of everyone just yet. During the course of 2018, prices withdrew by around 80 to 90%, companies were forced into liquidation, and everyone was on a year long comedown from a hefty dose of hopium.

Savagely the price heights seen in December 2017 ended up plunging the markets into darkness, leaving little in the way of salvation, and despite many positive developments the market wouldn’t revive, staying firmly in the grip of the bears.

Now Chepicap looks at all the factors contributing to the end of this crypto winter, including Bitcoin plethora of bullish technical indicators, such as the infamous formation of a golden cross, as well as developmental factors like the influx of institutional money and the long awaited entry from both Bakkt and Fidelity, alongside the markets reaction to the fallout from the Binance hack, and why we’re almost certainly beginning a new bullish phase.

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