What's next for Binance? Interview & margin trading update with CGO Ted Lin

17 Jun, 2019
by Will Heasman

Last week at the Crypto Compare summit Chepicap managed to collar Ted Lin, Binance’s own Chief Growth Officer, to ask him about the newly introduced margin trading facility, the Binance DEX and the future of the exchange.

Margin trading:

Not wasting any time we jumped straight to one of the latest and greatest updates from Binance, the introduction of margin trading, a long-awaited and highly anticipated new feature.

Lin notes that the vast majority of Binance users are looking for leverage, adding that the introduction of the feature will be “very interesting.” In regards to how long the beta phase will last, Lin suggested that it depends on how the testing period goes:

"Whenever we feel like it’s secure, it's high performance enough, and ready to go, we’ll realize the actual version”

The future of Binance

While Binance boss Changpeng “CZ” Zhao is lauded as a quasi-demi-god by many within the crypto community, we asked Lin what CZ was actually like:

“He’s genuine he’s very authentic, you know what, working with him is exactly how he feels in AMAs and in press conferences, he’s just very very up front.”

Of course, we could be speaking to the Chief Growth Officer of Binance without asking what the future has in store for the exchange, a question to which Lin responded with an entire list of forthcoming features:

You can expect more crypto to fiat exchanges … Binance Chain to be used with more project tokens … a lot more projects listed on DEX, with a lot more volume … BNB to be used in more places, for charity to help more people, for labs to incubate more projects, and overall you can expect us to accelerate crypto adoption across the world much faster.”

Cultivating mass adoption

Jumping off the latter, we asked how Binance would help cultivate crypto mass adoption, with Lin simply responding, “one at a time”:

“We believe that everybody will be finding different benefits out of crypto adoption, so we’re trying to make friends one at a time and we have to take the long route building the infrastructure instead of just shilling the technology.”

On the topic of the incipient Binance DEX, and its potential replacement of Binance.com, Line noted that Binance wishes to see “both thrive together,” with Binance.com continuing to provide the “bulk of liquidity,” but with the DEX allowing for a faster system.

“We’re not betting on either or, we're betting that users need a choice to popularize crypto adoption”

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