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Charles Hoskinson mathematics and cryptography at the University of Colorado at Boulder . He left his consulting job in April 2013 to start an online school called the Bitcoin Education Project. There he met Vitalik Buterin and became one of the eight original founders of Ethereum. After leaving the project in June 2014, Hoskinson and former Ethereum colleague formed IOHK. IOHK’s key project is Cardano which is a public blockchain hosting the ADA cryptocurrency. Hoskinson will be 31 years old in 2019. His crypto net worth is valued around $500 million - $600 million as of January 2018.

Prior to his involvement with Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson met Dan Larimer and agreed to work on the first decentralized crypto exchange platform, Bitshares. Hoskinson eventually left and the two have been throwing shade at each other ever since.



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