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About Chepicap
Chepicap is a 24/7 live cryptocurrency news platform focused on everything that keeps the crypto space and its community busy. With our passionate editors from all over the world curating the news, crypto enthusiasts are no longer missing out on any important news facts, and never have to go through all the Telegram groups and subreddits for hours and hours again to stay up to date on the market. Chepicap offers a 24/7 news service, as well as a 24/7 LIVE BLOG where visitors can find all the latest updates on the market.

Why the name Chepicap?
As a spirit to the North American Narragansett tribe, Chepi brings wisdom and knowledge in dreams and visions. In the vision of our platform, Chepi teams up with the miners fairy Bluecap. According to English folklore, the Bluecap appears in mines in the shape of a small blue flame and leads the miners to rich deposits of minerals when treated with respect. As Chepicap we aim to bring knowledge and wisdom to crypto enthusiast of all levels, knowing the Bluecap will lead them the rest of the way.

Our Address
The headquarters of is located at the following address:

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 161
1021 KP
The Netherlands

Editorial Team

Jelmer van der Dussen (Chief Editor)
Jelmer is living in Amsterdam and has an extensive background in online sports media. As an investor in and die-hard enthusiast of cryptocurrency, he is now dedicated to cover everything that is going on in the crypto space, believing that with the amount of interesting projects in the space and the communities behind it, there is so much more to report on than mainstream media currently are. Over the last years, he turned from a 24/7 Blockfolio 'swiper' into a zen state of mind long term holder.

Richard Allen
Richard, based in Cape Town, South Africa, developed an interest in cryptocurrencies while studying a BCom degree. Specifically, he was intrigued by the role of cryptocurrencies in modern economics. His work with Finance Media, a South African-based media company, included responsibilities for monitoring financial developments in African economies. This also covered FinTech and how cryptocurrencies are being used to interesting effect in countries like Zimbabwe and Kenya. He believes that cryptocurrencies will grow in importance, driving demand for news on their development.

Joeri Cant
Joeri is a freelance writer, a social media content creator, and a die-hard crypto enthusiast. He is a Belgian, living in Vancouver, Canada and when he's not chained to a computer, Joeri can usually be found exploring the great city outdoors together with his wife and two teenage boys.

David Robb
David Robb came to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency from an academic background, first encountering the theory behind blockchain when he was studying network culture as part of his MA. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Amsterdam and is particularly excited about the idea of decentralized economies.

Will Heasman
Will, living in London, UK, is a true crypto enthusiast covering everything from industry to community news. He first entered the world of cryptocurrency a few years ago and has been captivated by its potential ever since.

Ryan Boltman
Ryan is a cryptocurrency trader and investor based in South Africa with a combined 8 years experience in cryptocurrency and forex trading. His interests include Digital Currencies, Blockchain Technology, Banking and Finance.

Matthew Kim
Matthew has a multifaceted background spanning across a wide range of disciplines. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with a Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology degree, he conducted research at a cognitive psychology lab at UCLA, examining phenomena related to the human eye and brain. Like most people, he was initially skeptical about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but he was soon engulfed by the topic. Now, he enjoys keeping up with cryptocurrency news and making blockchain technology accessible to wider audiences.

Arthur Sillers
Arthur is a writer and editor. He is currently located in the United States and is focusing on the worldwide issues of digital currency, emergent technologies, and global policy.

David Borman
David is a cryptocurrency trader, writer and artist. He has been passionate about crypto for two years and is currently located in the southwestern United States.

Fifi Arisandi
Fifi is a tech, digital marketing, and investment enthusiast from Indonesia. She's also passionate about travelling the world and becoming an entrepreneur.

Colin Hawkins
Colin is a novice cryptocurrency trader ,based in the United States, that is interested in all things crypto related. His eagerness to learn and passion for the space drives him. His interests include writing, crypto trading, and business operations.

Manon Bridou-Koenig
Manon, a French national located in Amsterdam, is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a background in Sales and a Master degree in Modern History. Next to her fascination with blockchain and crypto she is passionate about travelling the world, live music and Yoga.

Want to join Team Chepi?
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