About Chepicap
Chepicap is a 24/7 live cryptocurrency news platform focused on everything that keeps the crypto space and its community busy. With our passionate editors from all over the world curating the news, crypto enthusiasts are no longer missing out on any important news facts, and never have to go through all the Telegram groups and subreddits for hours and hours again to stay up to date on the market. Chepicap offers a 24/7 news service, as well as a 24/7 LIVE BLOG where visitors can find all the latest updates on the market.

Why the name Chepicap?
As a spirit to the North American Narragansett tribe, Chepi brings wisdom and knowledge in dreams and visions. In the vision of our platform, Chepi teams up with the miners fairy Bluecap. According to English folklore, the Bluecap appears in mines in the shape of a small blue flame and leads the miners to rich deposits of minerals when treated with respect. As Chepicap we aim to bring knowledge and wisdom to crypto enthusiast of all levels, knowing the Bluecap will lead them the rest of the way.


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