"Bitcoin is amazing. Bitcoiners are crap": community discusses BTC culture

25 May, 2019 | Updated: 26 May, 2019
by David Robb
Bitcoin is amazing. Bitcoiners are crap: community discusses BTC culture

A debate has broken out on crypto Twitter regarding the online culture of Bitcoin, crypto, and its enthusiasts. Many have criticized the negative attitudes and hostility shown by some people in the crypto community.

Although nearly everyone in the crypto community shares the conviction that Bitcoin was/is an important innovation that could radically change society for the better, there are few other things that these people can agree on. The conflicts that emerge are not always dealt with in the healthiest way, and many claim that the space is much less welcoming that it should be. So-called 'Bitcoin maximalists', who believe that BTC is the only crypto that matters and are strongly opposed to altcoins, can be some of the worst offenders and are often labelled as 'extremists' by others in the crypto community.

These issues have come to a head recently on crypto Twitter, with some of the most prominent influencers speaking out one way or another. As one user complained about the toxic environment in crypto, others claimed that an attitude of extreme cynicism and scepticism may be necessary to defend against those who are attempting to exploit the enthusiasm of crypto traders for their own profit. 

One Bitcoin maximalist, Francis Pouliot, pointed to all trading and promotion of altcoins as something that is antithetical to the success of the Bitcoin ideal. Along with Ciphrex CEO Eric Lombrozzo and others, he was also resistant to requests to make the space any safer.

These hardened crypto warriors insisted that individuals need to toughen up if they want sovereignty, clearly demonstrating how little time they had for sensitivity and weakness by... immediately becoming very defensive at a hint of criticism. Pouliot went on to advise a woman who had apparently been threatened by others to "learn self-defense" and "get a gun".

Not content with this EPIC TAKEDOWN of a woman asking people to be less threatening, the CEO of Canadian company Bull Bitcoin also got into a strange dispute with influential crypto podcaster Peter McCormack. Pouliot had previously appeared on McCormack's What Bitcoin Did show, but relations have apparently soured since then. Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song also weighed in with his take, claiming that decentralization means that it's pointless to complain about Bitcoin's culture. Santiago Siri, however, was more sympathetic towards calls for a change in the culture.

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