Roger Ver bets Tone Vays $10,000 a BTC transaction can't be done in a day

25 May, 2019 | Updated: 25 May, 2019
by Richard Allen
Roger Ver bets Tone Vays $10,000 a BTC transaction can't be done in a day

During the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit yesterday, Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver, otherwise known by his moniker Bitcoin Jesus, made a bet with analyst and trader Tone Vays for $10,000.

As Beincrypto reports, the bet arose after Ver insisted that Bitcoin’s transaction fees were around $3.00 per transaction, and Bitcoin Cash was vastly superior for having transaction fees of less than $0.1.

Vays countered this argument, stating that transaction fees of $3.00 was misleading. In response, Ver offered $10,000 to charity if Vays could send him a $5 Bitcoin transaction with $0.1 in fees in under a day.

As the two pulled out their phones and began the transaction, Roger Ver remained confident in his prediction, stating that the transaction wouldn’t take place in less than a day as it would likely get stuck in the mempool.

However, Tone Vays took to Twitter to confirm that the transaction had been concluded in around ten hours, proving himself the victor.

Shortly afterward, however, CobraBitcoin pointed out that there was some “really shady stuff” happening at Slushpool, suggesting the mining pool gave priority to Vays’ transaction in an attempt to help him win the bet.

Cobra’s concerns were later refuted after Vays attached proof showing that the mempool was empty:

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