$778 LTC transaction costs user $17,500 in transaction fees

25 May, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
$778 LTC transaction costs user $17,500 in transaction fees

It appears someone sending LTC has made a grave error, by sending LTC with a rather abnormally large transaction fee across the blockchain.

The transaction, which totalled 8.88 LTC, or $778, was sent for a fee of 200 LTC, or $17,500. 

The transaction sees the user paying 22x more in transaction fees, in what can only be described as a fatal error. 

The transaction fee appears to be a mistake by the party who sent the LTC, which by the looks of things was simply consolidating their holdings. The transaction fee was mined by Chinese based pool LTC.TOP. Once the sender has realized the error, it would be worthwhile attempting to get in contact with the pool and try and have the funds returned as we have seen in previous cases. 

The account appears to make a lot of LTC transactions, with over 2,500 transactions since Mid-2018, with this being the first case of overpaying for transaction fees it can most likely be chalked up as a huge mistake by the user, a $17,500 mistake that is.

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