Cameron Winklevoss compares crypto growth with valuation of domain names

25 May, 2019
by David Borman
Cameron Winklevoss compares crypto growth with valuation of domain names

Cameron Winklevoss took to twitter recently to make a comparison between the valuation of 4 letter domain names to crypto assets. Based upon his logic, crypto has notably better returns in a much shorter period of time.

The idea here is that if you had invested $10 into a 4 letter domain name in 1990, that your return today would be a "few million" dollars. However, that same $10 invested into Bitcoin in 2009 (here referencing the infamous pizza story, which just saw its anniversary) would yield a return of about $80 million today. Clearly, the implication is that crypto is generating value faster than even the internet itself has.

Not everyone on twitter supported this logic:

Whether you agree with the idea or not, it is an interesting comparison. That being said, the growth and valuation in both realms are complicated and not easily tied to one anecdotal metric.

Either way, hopefully the value of crypto continues to head in this direction!

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