10 of the best performing altcoins this week

24 May, 2019 | Updated: 24 May, 2019
by Richard Allen
Price Action
10 of the best performing altcoins this week

While there have been a few altcoins that have shown some impressive daily price performance, there are some that stand above the rest. While the market continues to climb, these are the ten best performing altcoins from the top 100 over the last seven days.

1.       NEM – 68.85%

NEM (XEM) has seen the largest weekly growth of all the 100 biggest cryptocurrencies. On Thursday, the coin soared about 50% in less than six hours, hitting $0.108, its highest level since November 2018 and bringing the coin into the top 20. One of the biggest reasons for this was NEM’s announcement of its collaboration with Zeux. Zeux is a fintech firm which operates a digital payment wallet app that allows users to spend with merchants through Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which was fully integrated yesterday.

2.       LATOKEN – 61.62%

LATOKEN (LA), native cryptocurrency to the LATOKEN exchange, has soared into the top 100 this week on the back of 61% gains. The exchange has announced a slew of new listings which may be responsible for the token’s impressive price performance. On May 22, the exchange added support for Tronipay (TRP). The following day, the exchange also announced listings for little-known projects NOIZ (NOIZ) and Bountie (BNTE) in addition to four new IEOs: Rapidz (RPZX), Iprotocol Network (IPN), FR8 Network (FR8), and Volum (VLM). A short while later, the exchange announced another addition, Idealcoin. LA is now trading at $0.16.

3.       BitTorrent Token – 60.40%

BitTorrent Token (BTT) has seen weekly gains of over 60% bringing the value of BTT to $0.001. Justin Sun recently announced the launch of BitTorrent Speed. According to its website, BitTorrent Speed rewards BitTorrent users with BTT for seeding and bandwidth, which in turn enables faster downloads. Sun has promised that BitTorrent Speed is just the first in a list of “epic plans” the team has in store for BTT.

4.       Verge – 52.41%

Verge (XVG) has become one of the week’s biggest earners thanks to gains of over 52%. The last major announcement the Verge team made was for the release of its long-awaited Lumos version 5.0 update, on May 16 which likely had had some impact on the coin’s price. Since then, the team released version 5.1.1 on May 20 which may have provided some support for the coin’s performance. At the time of writing, XVG is trading at $0.010.

5.       Chainlink – 50.59%

On May 20, Chainlink (LINK) announced a partnership with XY Oracle to improve interconnectivity between data sets and blockchains. The partnership will see Chainlink provide smart contracts secure access to Internet of Things data. Additionally, Chainlink will be launching on the Ethereum mainnet on May 30. The combination of these two announces coupled with the general gains seen throughout the market seems to be the most likely reasons for LINK’s impressive weekly performance.

6.       Tezos – 48.65%

The biggest announcement to come out of the Tezos (XTZ) project is its first round in on chain upgrade proposals, named Athens. The two Athens proposals will result in incremental changes to the Tezos blockchain without the need for a hard-fork. The first proposal would see an increase in the gas limit and reduce the roll size to 8,000 XTZ for Tezos’ PoS consensus. The second proposal would also see Tezos’ gas limit increased, though this time to allow double the computation steps in each block, making it easier to deploy smart contracts. XTZ is currently trading at $1.83.

7.       Solve – 47.35%

Solve.Care (SOLVE), a healthcare IT company, has made no significant updates that would warrant a 47% surge in its token price. On May 13, the company was featured in a news article regarding their patient transportation tool called Book-a-Ride, designed to allow customers to schedule transportation to health-related appointments. Aside from this, there have been no announcements from the project.

8.       Stellar – 42.33%

Stellar (XLM), one of the biggest projects on this list, has had an impressive week, gaining over 42%. Most recently, UK-based fintech company, Paysend Group announced the launch of a “global stablecoin” on the Stellar network. Stellar has also announced the launch of version 11.1.0 for Stellar-core. Additionally, StellarX, the company’s decentralized crypto platform has announced support will soon be coming to Android and iOS wallet apps.

9.       Binance Coin – 39.49%

Binance Coin (BNB) has been making headlines throughout the week. Most recently, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao dropped a major hint regarding the upcoming addition of margin trading on the platform. The news resulted in the coin immediately jumping 8%, reaching a new all-time high of $33.72, breaking its previous ATH of $32 set just two days ago. In fact, BNB has had one of the best runs of 2019 so far, seeing gains of more than 400% since the start of 2019. Another major announcement to come from Binance is its fifth token sale event: Harmony which is scheduled May 28, 2019 at 6:00 AM UTC.

10.   Dent – 38.29%

Sitting in 81st position ranked by market cap, Dent (DENT) just slips into this list with gains of a little over 38%. Considering no major announcements have been made by the Dent team, it seems plausible that DENT is riding on the gains seen throughout the market. The coin is currently trading at $0.001. 

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