Brave browser now lets you tip on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch

24 May, 2019
Brave browser now lets you tip on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch

Brave browser, which has seen tremendous growth over the past year, has now implemented a tipping ability on popular social media websites and lets users tip BAT to their favorite content providers

Brave announced that their Brave browser now features the tipping tool, allowing users to tip content creators directly, anywhere on the web.

Brave browser will allow users to tip users tweets, youtube videos, donate on live twitch streams and more. The new feature is another step in the right direction for Brave browser, which has grown in popularity following the ability to browse the internet, and get paid in BAT for seeing adverts. 

Tipping via the social media services will appear almost immediately in the content creators BAT account. 

Users can apply to become Brave creators, in order to accept BAT donations. Users can apply via the Brave signup page

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