Anthony Pompliano: Greedy banks will FOMO into BTC after 2020 halving

23 May, 2019 | Updated: 23 May, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Anthony Pompliano: Greedy banks will FOMO into BTC after 2020 halving

Founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompliano, took to Twitter to suggest that bankers will FOMO into Bitcoin after the 2020 halving event.

Eternal Bitcoin bull, Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano, asked his Twitter followers in a recent tweet, to imagine what would happen if the daily printing of US dollars was suddenly cut in half forever.

'Bankers would be FOMOing even though USD isn't a scarce asset', he tweeted.

The Pomp continues by asking to now imagine what the banks are going to do when the daily Bitcoin supply is cut in half for one of the scarcest assets in the world.

'I can't wait.'

Pompliano is refering to Bitcoin’s third halving event, which will take place in approximately 12 months, in may 2020, and which is expected to bring a positive impact on the price of Bitcoin.

When the first Bitcoin halving event took place in 2012, Bitcoin's price jumped to a never seen before price of $1,000. After the second halving event in 2016, Bitcoin surged to an all-time-high of $20,000 only one year later.

Clearly, if the third halving event will have the same effect on BTC's price, we see why many will FOMO into BTC.

However, not everybody sees the traditional bankers FOMOing into BTC just because of the 2020 halving event.

Software engineer and founder of, Ben DiFrancesco, doesn't see why these bankers, who don’t know the most basic facts about how Bitcoin works, are going to FOMO into BTC in 1 year on the day of the halvening.

The pomp gives the one answer that most of us understand, when it comes to the 'Big bankers'.

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