Jimmy Song questions Vitalik's ETH plans: "execution is the hard part"

22 May, 2019
by David Robb
Jimmy Song questions Vitalik's ETH plans: execution is the hard part

Influential Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has responded to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin's claims on Twitter about the future of the network. Song is sceptical about the "innovation" promised by Vitalik and the team's grand plans, and insists that "execution is the hard part".

The Ethereum Foundation recently announced that it would be investing around $30 million into further improving the Ethereum eco-system, with most of this going towards the long-awaited 'Ethereum 2.0'. The next version of the ETH network is, amongst other things, intended to solve its current scalability problems. The implementation of a new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol in place of the current PoW system should be a major part of this solution.

Technical expert and leading crypto investor Tuur Demeester responded to this announcement on Twitter with some degree of scepticisim, suggesting that no money would be enough to "buy a scientific breakthrough". According to Vitalik, no such breakthrough is needed, as the team's technical research for Ethereum 2.0 is already complete.

Song then claimed that the promise of innovation made by Vitalik was something that had been heard several times before, with the developments constantly deferred to sometime in the near future. He insisted that research breakthroughs being made is not enough, as the actual execution of ideas is more complicated than just implementing things that are discovered at the research phase.

Observers on Twitter agreed that Vitalik might be underestimating how hard it will be to put ideas into practice. Others expressed their support for the Ethereum team due to its efforts to change things, compared to Bitcoin and other projects. They also suggested that Song might be treating Vitalik and co. a little unfairly.

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