MATIC does 10x in less than 2 weeks, is alt season here?

21 May, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
MATIC does 10x in less than 2 weeks, is alt season here?

Recent Binance Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) MATIC, has seen a dramatic rise in price that has seen the project make gains unlike any other projects this year.

MATIC has performed something not commonly seen over the past year, doing a 10x within the space of two weeks.

The Binance IEO project saw little success coming out of the gates after it's IEO, but has since caught real FOMO among traders and has continued to climb to its reset high over 500 satoshis. The project was sitting at 50 satoshis just days ago and has since seen it skyrocket to new highs daily.

MATIC/BTC Chart provided by Tradingview

MATIC becomes the first project to do a 10x in 2019, an could be the catalyst for what lies ahead as other high supply coins begin to also see increased gains.

Justin Sun and Binance CEO CZ also commented on the recent success of IEOs being listed on Binance following the major success of MATIC

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