Enjin reveals that new Samsung phones already support ERC-1155 standard

20 May, 2019
by David Borman
Enjin reveals that new Samsung phones already support ERC-1155 standard

It is being reported by CoinRivet that recently in an interview, Enjin CTO Witek Radomski revealed that in fact all new Samsung phones that ship with built in crypto functuonality are already compatible with ERC-1155, an ethereum protocol often used in games and for tangible item trading.

Ever since support for crypto storage was announced earlier this year for the Samsung S10, enthusiasts have been excited at the prospects of what having a native hardware wallet built into their phone could mean.

Now, in an interview with CoinRivet, Radomski reveals that there has been support built into the wallet all along for ERC-1155 tokens. This should make it exceedingly easy for developers to implement these typesof tokens into their apps, generally inceasing support.

From the interview:

"One feature I haven’t talked too much about is that it actually supports the ERC-1155 standard directly. So, anyone developing on Samsung phones can actually directly use the API to access ERC-1155 items."

This standard has become increasingly popular in gaming, allowing for the creation of "tangible" items connected to a game or app. This announcement will likely help increase the adoption of the standard moving forward.

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