Will Matic be listed on Coinbase? Coin rallies 70% on hope

20 May, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Will Matic be listed on Coinbase? Coin rallies 70% on hope

Ethereum scaling project, Matic Network, a lesser-known crypto project, surges almost 70% on the rumor alone, that its coin might get listed on Coinbase.

The lesser-known, crypto project Matic Network, received some attention when it was launched as the 4th Binance Launchpad project in the beginning of April 2019.

Binance accounts for over 98% of the token’s trading volume, and has been one of several Binance Launchpad coins that has shown impressive returns.

Since the beginning of May, Matic has recorded a whopping 610% return.

Today seems to be no different, as Matic Network, a blockchain project aimed at scaling Ethereum, shows an explosive boost of almost 70% on the day, while the rest of the cryptocurrency market is mostly experiencing a 'red candlestick' day.

It appears that Matic is experiencing this impresive surge due to the announcement made earlier today, and one wild rumor that goes around saying that Matic might get listed on Coinbase.

Matic Network took to Twitter today, to announce the fact that it had joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative, which will update investors on a regular basis about the progress and state of the project.

Matic's community and investors now believe that the next logical step would be for Coinbase to list the Matic coin, especially in the light of last month's news that Matic had secured funding from Coinbase Ventures.

What do you think? Will Matic get listed on Coinbase? Let us know in the comments below.

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