CBS' 60 mins episode of Bitcoin just aired, no direct impact seen so far

20 May, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
CBS' 60 mins episode of Bitcoin just aired, no direct impact seen so far

The highly-anticipated 60 minutes episode of Bitcoin with Anderson Cooper just aired on CBS, it doesn't seem to have a direct impact to Bitcoin's price as predicted.

The 60 minutes segment about Bitcoin just aired on CBS. The news desk just released an article that summarizes the episode that brought Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin pizza guy, Laszlo Hanyecz and MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative, Neha Narula along with some others as the guests.

The highly anticipated show is expected to at least serve as an introduction of Bitcoin to the lay people, although there are those that expect or predict a direct impact on the cryptocurrency price.

However, it doesn’t seem to give the predicted or expected impact to the cryptocurrency, at least for now, other than those that report that Bitcoin searches sky-rocketed during the interview.

As of writing time, Bitcoin sees a 1.9% gain and is traded slightly above $8,000 on different exchanges.

BTCUSD Chart provided by TradingView

That said, it doesn’t mean there aren’t Bitcoin enthusiasts who are not excited about the “Bitcoin’s Wild Ride” episode. Many can be seen of tweeting links to the recorded video of the session, as well as, CBS’ summary article.

Renowned figure in the crypto space, Anthony Pompliano managed to highlight an important “fact” from the segment.

“In the 60 Minutes piece on Bitcoin, a Federal Reserve governor couldn’t respond to @AC360’s question about central bankers’ manipulation of US dollars. Instead, she decided to talk about FDIC insurance and ‘legal protections’,” he tweeted, followed by his popular term, “Long Bitcoin, short the bankers.”

Meanwhile, Peter Schiff, who was one of the guests, expressed his dissatisfaction with the show, “Very bad reporting as usual!”

On a different perspective, ETH Hub’s developer Eric Conner also expressed his discontent with the show, particularly with the guests.

“It’s cool to see Bitcoin on 60 minutes but is the best they can parade out a criminal from 2013 and the pizza dude?” Conner tweeted.

Max Keiser, on the other hand, is convinced that Charlie Shrem is the best person to talk about and "represent" Bitcoin in the television. "Can you name anyone more sympathetic?" he tweeted.

Regardless the mixed responses, let's hope for the best impact from the already aired show moving forward. "Good things take time," so the wise said. 

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