Poll reveals traders would rather long Ethereum than Ripple

19 May, 2019
by Richard Allen
Poll reveals traders would rather long Ethereum than Ripple

A Twitter poll conducted by cryptocurrency trader Blues has shown that traders would rather go long on Ethereum than Ripple.

The results are interesting, considering XRP has become one of the top performing assets in the top 10, giving projects like Ethereum and Stellar Lumens a run for their money. The recent decision to allow XRP trading on Coinbase Pro in the state of New York was a major milestone for XRP. Yet traders still favor Ethereum.

Blue’s tweet read “If we were to enter an altcoin season, which coin would you long/buy first?”

Of the 3,310 votes the poll received, 40% chose Ethereum while XRP came in at second with 33% of the votes. Bitcoin Cash, however, only received 4% while other took the remaining 23%.

Ethereum is currently working towards upgrading and mitigating from the current centralized and energy inefficient proof-of-work consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake model. At the same time, developers are dealing with scalability, of which there are several potential solutions, including Casper.

While the US Securities and Exchange Commission has come out several times confirming Etherum isn’t considered a security, the agency hasn’t afforded XRP the same clarity. Even though Ripple has stated it doesn’t control XRP, it hasn’t changed the minds of the SEC, presenting a major hurdle to the adoption of the company’s xRapid solution.

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