Bitcoin reaches $8K, crypto enthusiasts cheering on Twitter

19 May, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Bitcoin reaches $8K, crypto enthusiasts cheering on Twitter

Bitcoin hit $8,000 just now, and the crypto enthusiasts are all cheering on Twitter.

Among the first who saw the rally was eToro’s analyst, Mati Greenspan. “BTC on the move again,” he tweeted a couple hours ago when Bitcoin was seen of crawling back up.

He then posted another tweet, commenting on the rally.

Crypto trader, The Crypto Dog alerted his followers on what just happened.

Crypto analyst, Joseph Young, on the other hand, can be seen of expressing his “feelings”.

Tuur Demeester said that Bitcoin has got “a strong recovery” so far.

Meanwhile, crypto trader, @ThisisNuse confided his Bitcoin-related blunder with his followers.

The responses from crypto enthusiasts on Twitter keep on coming as Bitcoin rally continues. How far will it go this time? Stick with Chepicap to find out.

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