Lord Jesus tells you to HODL 'Don't sell your BTC until it reaches 100K'

18 May, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Lord Jesus tells you to HODL 'Don't sell your BTC until it reaches 100K'

Sometimes a little crypto fun can go a long way ...  even all the way up to the heavens so it seems. Jesus has returned and has some great advice for all the crypto enthusiast out there, although, just to be clear, it isn't financial advice.

A cryptocurrency trader & investor, who goes by the Twitter handle Professor Crypto, apparently reached out to the one and only Lord Jesus, who was asked to remind us all of what it means to be in a true bull market.

'After a long two years in a bear market, Bitcoin has finally broken out, and this is a big deal', Jesus said.

'This means you MUST stop being a bear. Throw away your bear bias and rebrand your Twitters. Because the bull is back.'

Jesus added that you shall not sell your Bitcoin untill it reaches a $100,000, or even a million.

'If you follow these simple steps, you will be VERY rich. Guaranteed!'

'Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!'

And in case you missed it ... This is not financial advice ... Just ask jesus.

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