Scammers get $1M in BTC by threatening to expose private intimate activities

17 May, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Scammers get $1M in BTC by threatening to expose private intimate activities

Bitcoin scammers threat victims to expose the videos or pictures of their private intimate activities and successfully earn nearly $1 million in Bitcoin.  

Scammers have found a new way to get quick money. According to the report from cybersecurity company, Area 1, a new kind of scam has successfully accumulated nearly $1 million in Bitcoin by threatening to expose videos or pictures of the victims while they’re watching pornography.

Mixed with the fear of their private intimate activities being leaked to their contacts, frightened porn viewers usually buy the threat and decided to pay the requested amount of ransom, as reported by The Next Web.

The threat is of course fake, the report confirmed. Despite their “advanced tricks” of using lines from Shakespeare or Jane Austen in invisible text in the email to pass the spam filters, they don’t actually have such videos or images of the victims.

The report explained that the scammers use words like “Trying to Reach You” and “Reply Urgent” to entice the victims to open the threat emails.

Moreover, it claimed that many have fallen victim to the scam. Area 51 confirmed that as many as $949,000 have been successfully collected by the scammers, based on the blockchain record related to their digital wallet.

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