Huobi release details on BTC Pizza day with 50% off BTC purchases

16 May, 2019
Huobi release details on BTC Pizza day with 50% off BTC purchases

Huobi have announced details for their upcoming special pizza day promotion, set for 22 May 2019

Following the recent news that Huobi would be offering some sort of BTC discount on the inaugural pizza day, more details have been released as to how it will actually work on the day.

The 22nd of May marks the infamous celebration, known as #PizzaDay, a day in which crypto fanatics all over the world celebrate the anniversary of the purchase of what is now the world's most expensive pizza.

On the 22nd of May 2010, a programmer by the name Laszlo Hanyecz paid a Bitcoin Talk forum user 10,000 BTC for two pizzas from papa johns. The USD equivalent back then was around $25, at today’s prices however the pizzas would cost approximately $81.7 million dollars.

Huobi have released details for their upcoming Pizza day promotion, which will offer up to 50% off of BTC purchases.

The promotion is set to offer $1.5 million worth of USDT, making use of HT/BTC trading pair between 16:45:00 and 17:45:00 (GMT+8) with trading set to commence at 18:00:00

Huobi have outlined the entire rules for the trading promotion on their announcement page, with the trading cap maxed at $2,000 for qualified accounts. 

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