Closed exchange Cryptopia issues warning as deposits are still coming in

16 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Closed exchange Cryptopia issues warning as deposits are still coming in

Cryptopia is still receiving deposits after the shutdown of the exchange, and is urging users in a tweet to stop sending funds to their exchange wallets.

It's the first communication coming from the New Zealand exchange since the announcement that it went into liquidation on Wednesday. In an urgent message on Twitter, Cryptopia says: 'PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY DEPOSITS TO CRYPTOPIA.'

Cryptopia went into maintenance mode on Tuesday, and released a statement on Wednesday that the exchange will close up shop. Users that still have funds on the altcoin exchange haven't been able to access their coins ever since the exchange went into 'maintenance mode'.

Liquidators have started an investigation that will take months, and it's uncertain if users will see their funds again. Even if they are still on the exchange, the liquidators and creditors will be paid first with the remaining assets.

Some people don't seem to be aware of the shutdown of Cryptopia yet, with deposits still coming in.

On the the latest tweet of Cryptopia, many users are demanding the exchange to open again to allow them to withdraw their funds.

Cryptopia was hacked for $16 million earlier this year, and after fully resuming operations again in April, concluded that it was unable to continue to exchange because of the funds that got lost during the hack.

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