8 notable stories that came from Consensus 2019

16 May, 2019
8 notable stories that came from Consensus 2019

Consensus has come to an end, and as usual, cryptocurrencies have pumped, and news has come thick and fast following one of the biggest events of the year. Here are 8 of the biggest announcements to come from Consensus 2019.

1. Justin Sun announcing Opera support

What would Consensus be without the master shiller himself, Justin Sun announcing some news to pump his projects. Sun  took the stage at Consensus to announce that Opera browser, which currently has millions of user, will be supporting TRX and TRX dApps in the upcoming future. The announcement is pretty exciting from TRON holders and could usher in further adoption via the partnership.

2. Chainlink announce Mainnet launch set for May 30,  2019

Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov took to the stage to announce that Chainlink, the decentralized Oracle Network, will be going live on the Ethereum mainnet on May 30, with Nazarov stating "We have been able to successfully complete three security audits, without any really critical issues remaining. So fundamentally, from a security point of view, we feel we are in a position that we can go live on the Ethereum mainnet."

3. Ebay to accept cryptocurrencies in the future, or not really.

Big news at the start of Consensus 2019 was that Ebay would be looking at adding a cryptocurrency payment solution, following advertising boards stating as much. However, the speculation was put to bed when a representative of Ebay confirmed that Ebay was not looking at adding cryptocurrency payment solutions. Nevertheless the news was some of the biggest talking points on day one of Consensus 2019.

4. NEO unleash several key announcements about the future of the project

Neo was featured at Consensus 2019 with several team members including founder Da Hongfei and Co founder Erik Zhang taking the stage to discuss the progress and NEO. The talks features several major updates to NEO, including the completion of NEO 3.0, which will provide optimal infrastructure for mass adoption. The team also announced an additional $100m in funding to future developments and growth among other key features. NEO definitely went all out in their announcements for Consensus 2019.

5. Coinbase discuss potential "self-custody" options following centralized questions

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong was also talking at Consensus and was asked about whether he felt like Coinbase was simply a digital bank. The CEO admitted that Coinbase had become more centralized and that the company was in talks with software company StarkWare about looking into a "self-custody" option for users. This spawned a new theory that Coinbase could be looking into creating or offering a decentralized offering in the new future, perhaps in 2020 we could be seeing a DEX for Coinbase.

6. Electronic trading platform TD Ameritrade talks crypto adoption

TD Ameritrade also took to the stage at Consensus to discuss their overview of the market. TD Ameritrade has been looking at entering the crypto space for some time now, following retail interest. Speaking at Consensus, TD Ameritrade executive vice president Steven Quirk commented on the interest being shown in the crypto space, "We get calls, emails, 60,000 clients have traded something in this complex," Quirk admitted that interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies was increasing dramatically between all age groups. The interest being shown by major companies such as TD Ameritrade and Etrade continue to fuel adoption.

7. 2020 U.S Presidential candidate takes the stage to discuss Bitcoin and blockchain

Andrew Yang has grown quite the cult following due to his outspoken support for Bitcoin and blockchain. The Presidential candidate took the stage at Consensus to pitch his stance on the industry, admitting that he is thinks the U.S regulators need a more clear approach to the market, also saying "I’m sympathetic to members of the community who want to have more of these transactions occur in a non-monitored manner or context." Yang clearly showed his support of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption further stating "The work you’re doing is difficult…but it is the future,” he said. “If I’m in the White House oh boy are we going to have some fun."

Consensus was a hive of news and opinions coming from thought leaders and players in the industry, and once again showcased what the future holds for some of the up-and coming projects as well as some of the biggest projects currently in the space. 2019 looks bright from the industry.

8. Crypto exchange Gemini announce partnership with Flexa, on board retailers for crypto payments

Gemini announced that it would be partnering with payments startup Flexa, to offer retailers a simplified method of accepting cryptocurrencies in-store. The partnership already includes retailers such as Nordstrom, Amazon-owned Whole Foods, Regal Cinemas, Gamestop, Baskin Robbins, as well as Starbucks. The news was highly significant as it paves the way forward for retail adoption of cryptocurrencies with an easier payment method not been seen before. 

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