Max Keiser talks about "Bitcoin derangement syndrome"

16 May, 2019
by David Robb
Max Keiser talks about Bitcoin derangement syndrome

In an interview with BlockTV at this year's Consensus event, Max Keiser shared some of his strong feelings about Bitcoin and crypto. He coined the phrase "Bitcoin derangement syndrome" in reference to a number of prominent figures in the community.

According to Keiser, Roger Ver and Craig Wright both suffer from the syndrome, which is a play on the 'Obama' and 'Trump' versions of the condition, first coined by journalists to explain the growth in hysterical responses from political opponents of the last two U.S. president.

Keiser claims that people shouldn't look too closely at the protocol for Bitcoin, as they will "go insane" like Ver did. As for Craig S. Wright, Keiser is strongly in agreement with the majority of the crypto community about the Australian's claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, stating "F**k Craig Wright, because he's a fraud". Keiser's baseball cap was emblazoned with the letters CSWIAF, further underlining his views of the so-called 'Faketoshi' (we'll let you figure out what it stands for...).

To cap off an eventful and action-packed interview, Keiser poured his water on the desk to illustrate a "liquidity problem" (water is a liquid), before ripping up a dollar bill, presumably in protest at the way fiat currencies control our lives.

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