McAfee on Ethereum: "Buterin looks underfed"

15 May, 2019
by David Robb
McAfee on Ethereum: Buterin looks underfed

Everyone's favourite cyber-security expert and hard-partying tax exile John McAfee has replied to some of his Twitter followers' requests for his opinion on Ethereum. The Bitcoin bull shared some idiosyncratic opinions, insisting that they should not be taken as investment advice.

John McAfee is currently on the run from the IRS, most likely still somewhere in the Bahamas. He is attempting to avoid paying taxes that are due on the wealth he has accrued from his eponymous anti-virus software, as well as his shilling for various crypto projects, and other assorted business ventures. It's unclear what impact this exile will have on his campaign for the U.S. presidency, which he plans to use as a way to raise awareness about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

As for Ethereum (ETH), McAfee doesn't have a particularly positive attitude towards the second-largest crypto, although most of his opinions seem to be quite arbitrary. Apparently he prefers "one syllable coins", such as DOGE. This take led to a brief follow-up debate where the 73 year-old multi-millionaire discussed exactly how ETH and BTC should be pronounced.

McAfee claimed that he isn't fully on board with the wardrobe choices of many of his ETH-holding friends, which may well have been inspired by the "God of Ethereum", Vitalik Buterin. He also mentioned that he had some concerns about the diet of the Ethereum co-founder.

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