Justin Sun talks the future: BitTorrent to "support Bitcoin and Ethereum"

15 May, 2019
by David Borman
Justin Sun talks the future: BitTorrent to support Bitcoin and Ethereum

Today TRON CEO Justin Sun took the stage at Consensus 2019 and spoke with Pete Rizzo. During the talk, Sun discussed the controversy over TRON's whitepaper, scaling and decentralization issues, and the future of BitTorrent, among other things.

Near the beginning of the discussion the topic came up once again of the allegations that the TRON whitepaper was largely plagiarized, to which Sun stuck to his guns that it was a group effort and the issues came from bad translations.

The conversation quickly veered to the size of the TRON network, and if/how the system can scale:

To this end, Sun did touch on the layer-2 solution coming to TRON, the Sun Network:

Sun was also asked how he defines "decentralization," to which Sun likened it to a democracy:

To this end, Sun was asked how he would respond if regulators demanded he remove something from the TRON network:

Near the end, the discussion became about BitTorrent and how Sun sees the service evolving down the road:

At the end, one last question was levied at Sun, concerning what he would do if TRON ultimately failed.

After the talk, some on Twitter felt that ultimately the questions were a bit soft and biased towards TRON:

However you feel about the project, it is exciting to hear news that BitTorrent will in time be supporting both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Will this push both the project and crypto to greater adoption? Stay here with Chepicap for any further updates from Consensus 2019!

Thank you to @AnnalieseMilano, @JasmineLTeng, @samadamsSAO, @BradyDale for live-tweeting the talk!

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