Andrew Yang speaks at Consensus: "Data is the new oil"

15 May, 2019
by David Borman
Andrew Yang speaks at Consensus: Data is the new oil

Today saw US presidential candidate for 2020, Andrew Yang, speak at Consensus 2019. Yang is the only presidential hopeful to show up at Consensus, and his message was one of support for cryptocurrency and how the underlying technology can help fix issues currently plaguing traditional infrastructure.

Yang held a discussion with Neeraj K. Agrawal, in which he covered a great many topics that are important in the cryptocurrency community. He made some jokes about Yang Coin and how many in crypto must remember to take hikes every now and again, but he also dug into the types of issues he feels are most important now.

One of the issues brought up early on was that the traditional media is losing control over the actual public narrative:

Yang discussed how well his campaign is going despite getting very little coverage from any major media. Obviously, most in the crypto world take a view that grassroots and decentralized are the future, so this was a well received message.

Another important issue touched on by Yang was how the US needs to move forward with its regulatory policy regarding cryptocurrencies.

Yang also touched on his views for the future of data privacy in the US, how there are currently still major issues we are now just discovering, and how putting control into the consumer's hands may be the solution:

Near the end, Yang confirmed that his campaign does in fact take crypto, and left the crowd with positive sentiment that they would see changes they like, should he manage to win the White House.

Much more was covered during the talk, but these were some of the most interesting highlights. Thank you to Anna Baydakova (@baidakova), Nikhilesh De (@nikhileshde) and Marc Hochstein (@MarcHochstein) for live tweeting the talk, and stick right here for more up to the minute coverage as Consensus 2019 wraps up its third day!

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