Bitcoin Cash bug exploited during planned upgrade, resulted in empty blocks

15 May, 2019
by Richard Allen
Bitcoin Cash bug exploited during planned upgrade, resulted in empty blocks

The Bitcoin Cash network hard forks every six months to ensure it's up to date with security and to implement any new features. The latest upgrade has now been completed, but reports of problems in the network have begun surfacing.

BitMEX Research had been covering the update, reporting that everything was going according to plan. At least it was until a few hours ago. According to the tweet, the number of transactions per block is low, with some even hitting 0, whereas BitMEX’s mempool has 1622 transactions.

Cornell professor and founder of AVA Labs, Emin Gün Sirer provided some clarification on the problem. He notes Bitcoin Cash was attacked due to an old bug in block template creation. The attack resulted in empty blocks for a while, but otherwise had minimal effect.

He goes on to say that someone had been sitting on that bug for months, choosing to exploit it during a scheduled upgrade. While he describes the move as juvenile, it also serves as a “great reminder that this is a space with byzantine actors.”

As a result of this attack, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced that deposits and withdrawals for BCHABC have been disabled until further notice. BCH core developers are currently dealing with the problem, Poloniex stated.

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