NFL players: Pay me in Bitcoin

15 May, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
NFL players: Pay me in Bitcoin

NFL players demand to be paid in Bitcoin, no official response from the organization so far.  

Seems the FOMO has got even stronger as cryptos have been on their good days lately. The topic was brought to social media by Morgan Creek Capital founder, Anthony Pompliano who said that a NFL quarterback, Matt Barkley has requested for his contracts to be paid in Bitcoin.

The tweet has raised supports from crypto-Twitter enthusiasts, some of them are trying to get the quarterback “hooked” even more to crypto, which then clarified by Barkley that he’s already way ahead the “entry level”.

“I’m all about @Ledger,” he responded when someone wants to get Trezor for him to store his cryptos.

Barkley is not the only NFL player that wants to be paid in BTC. Los Angeles Chargers’ left tackle, Russel Okung can be seen of posting on his Twitter account, “Pay me in Bitcoin.”

Followed by another tweet that expressed how awesome it is for athlete to be paid in BTC and then covered by ESPN.

Okung also admits to have become an advocate of crypto to his fellow football players, which he expects to spread up throughout the league.

As of writing time, there are not any official comments from the NFL on the matter. However, if the crypto bull market lasts, could be just a matter of time.

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