Could Bitcoins price surge usher in Alt season next?

14 May, 2019
Could Bitcoins price surge usher in Alt season next?

Bitcoin has seen a dramatic increase in price over the course of 2019, soaring to $8,000 from the yearly lows of $3,200. The big question on everybody's mind now is, will alt season be next?

While in the past the dramatic surge in BTC, has then led to alt season, where altcoins pump once BTC has stabilized, everyone would be expecting alt season to follow after seeing bitcoin smash new highs in 2019. 

While twitter sentiment appears to think that alt season could potentially be around the corner, it is also clear that any more surge in the price of BTC could ultimately cause more downward momentum for altcoins. Most altcoins have been performing relatively well in terms of USD price to that of BTC, however most altcoins have seen dramatic declines in BTC pricing, which ultimately matters the most to traders. 

No one really knows when or if we will see a full blown alt season like the one seen in early 2018, following the surge in BTC price, but it certainly wont hurt to be prepared for it.

Today, XRP is the best performing altcoin, rising 22%. IOTA is also on a roll, gaining 17% in the last 24 hours.

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