eBay to accept Bitcoin?: "Virtual currency. it's happening on eBay"

13 May, 2019
by Will Heasman
eBay to accept Bitcoin?: Virtual currency. it's happening on eBay

Thanks to a photograph from the ongoing annual Consensus conference in New York, it's been revealed that eBay may soon accept cryptocurrency… or even create one.

An eBay advertisement snapped by an attendee of consensus 2019 relayed the notion of eBay, accepting “virtual currencies”:

It seems eBay’s advertising campaign has been a hit as the photo has now gone viral throughout mainstream media, and of course, on crypto Twitter…

Theories range from which “virtual currencies’ the firm is referring, to some believing that eBay will create their own cryptocurrency…

However, Australian news outlet, Micky, notes that this could simply be a third-party deal, with the publication suggesting that eBay may have partnered with a crypto payments processor.

Interestingly, Micky makes a connection between UTRUST - a crypto payments gateway  -and eBay, relaying that last September the UTRUST welcomed former eBay and Paypal Exec Sanja Kon as head of its global partnership expansion, alluding to the idea that this may simply be a partnership between eBay and UTRUST.

While this is a slightly less bullish supposition, the validity it allows cryptocurrencies should not be underplayed.

The crypto industry still stands to gain a lot from eBay, opening up its 180 million users to the benefits of cryptocurrencies, and furthering the legitimacy of the nascent industry.

What do you think this advertisement means? Is eBay making its own cryptocurrency? will the company accept Bitcoin sometime soon, or is this simply a crypto partnership?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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