Justin Sun sends $28K to Tesla winners: 'Not enough to buy a Tesla'

13 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Justin Sun sends $28K to Tesla winners: 'Not enough to buy a Tesla'

TRON has delivered proof that CEO Justin Sun has rewarded the winners of the Tesla giveaway. Following community uproar, Sun has wired two times $28,000 to the winners.

The Tesla giveaway by the TRON Founder has been surrounded by controversy from the very beginning. During the draw live on Twitter, a glitch revealed the winner of the Tesla before the draw even took place, resulting in a lot of rumors about the giveaway being rigged. To show his good intentions, Sun decided to hand out two Tesla's, one to the winner of the first draw, and the second to the winner of another, more transparant, draw.

Last weekend, one of the winners posted on Reddit that after two months, he still hadn't received the Tesla. The community came out in full force to call Sun out, stating that it is bad for his and TRON's reputation that this issue hasn't been solved yet.

On Monday, Sun tweeted to his community that both winners have received $28,000 worth of TRX, 'the equivalant to the Tesla price'.

So the issue of the giveaway was solved, but the discussion didn't end there. Many people pointed out that with $28,000, it's hard to buy a Tesla at all. The Tesla 3 model will already cost you around $40,000, with the basics included. 

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