Satoshi Treasure's $1M BTC hunt attracts digital hunters and investors

13 May, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Satoshi Treasure's $1M BTC hunt attracts digital hunters and investors

Satoshi's Treasure, an international scavanger hunt offers $1 million worth of Bitcoin as prize and has united many digital hunters from across the world, as well as renowned crypto veterans as investors. 

Cryptographic challenge might keep lay people away, but not for digital hunters.

The international scavenger hunt, called the Satoshi’s Treasure is said to have attracted 60,000 participants from across the world, all are competing to get the prize of $1 million worth of Bitcoin.

The team behind the game revealed another clue during the Magical Crypto Conference in New York, which is a series of cryptic images and other hints hidden on business cards distributed at the event.

Many participants have reported to have formed online teams to collect the 400 key fragments required to move the prize from the game’s BTC wallet. Others, however, decide to share on Twitter and GitHub after successfully cracking one of the key fragments.

Among the formed collaborations is the Magellan Clan that has 100 members from 30 countries.

Interestingly but not too surprising, the team created a unique token to reward people that are not a member who provide tips.

Another team, like ToshiCiphers clan created merchandise and launched an online store to facilitate participants who are looking to make shirts or other swags.

According to Coindesk, the game hasn’t only attracted and united digital hunters from all over the world, but also a group of veteran crypto investors who have pledged an undisclosed amount to fund future games and campaigns.

Among them are Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Mark Pincus, Andrew Lee, IDEO CoLabs Ventures, Nic Carter, Matt Walsh, Meltem Demirors, Li Xiaolai, Jehan Chu and Sam Engelbardt.

“I’d say Satoshi’s Treasure is so exciting because it’s the pure joy of a treasure hunt. It’s global and anyone can participate,” said Carter on his participation.

“I think we are playing the first Great game of the Augmented Reality Era,” said a participant that goes with the name Yann.

What a way to unite crypto enthusiasts, isn’t it?

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