Whales moved over 16700 BTC ($122 million) in the space of 2 hours

12 May, 2019
by Will Heasman
Whales moved over 16700 BTC ($122 million) in the space of 2 hours

As Bitcoin continues its parabola into the mid $7000 mark, whales are reportedly waking up in scores, shifting their weight around the ecosystem. A massive 16700 BTC (a current USD equivalent of $122 million) has been moved between various wallets and exchanges in the space of a few hours today.

The ever-vigilant Twitter account known as Whale Alert has noted several major whale movements today, the first of which occurred earlier today, with one beast transferring 6015 BTC wallet to wallet:

Around the same time (possibly even the same whale) another transfer was made, amounting to 4000 BTC (approx. $30 million). This movement caused a little more hubbub, due to its destination, with the whale moving the BTC from an unknown wallet to Bitfinex.

Shortly after another transfer of 2,983 was made, this time exiting from Bitfinex and into an unknown wallet:

The final major movement was exhibited litter over an hour later, with this particular whale transferring 3723 BTC from wallet to wallet:

it seems as BTC continues to pump we’ll see more and more of these movements, and while some profess that some of these maneuvers could spell doom for the market, others simply say: buy the dips…

Are you worried about these large BTC transactions? Let us know in the comments.

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