Charles Hoskinson: Cardano could be "the leader of all cryptocurrencies"

11 May, 2019
by Richard Allen
Charles Hoskinson: Cardano could be the leader of all cryptocurrencies

Charles Hoskinson, chief executive of IOHK, the organization behind Cardano, recently touched on the various developments made by the Cardano team as well the company’s roadmap.

During an interview at the Cardano IOHK Summit, Hoskinson explains that IOHK has been building up the project in stages and it’s been a frustrating process. “it takes time and it takes effort and there’s setbacks and sometimes things aren’t as fast as we’d like them to be.”

“We have two independent groups working on the protocol,” he explains. “One that’s very pragmatic and fast-moving […] and then the other is very principled, slow and methodical and they’re both learning from each other.”

Hoskinson continues:

“It’s a much more mature ecosystem than it was even just six months ago and if we keep this momentum I think we really are going be the best in class, the leader of all cryptocurrencies very soon.”

Hoskinson was then asked about the roadmap, explaining it’s due for a significant overhaul, but there were clashes within IOHK regarding the website.

“One of the problems we had previously was that the roadmap website was really a product of the project management team at IOHK but the engineers really didn’t feel accountable with that, they didn’t have ownership of it and so as a consequence, we’d have release cycles […] that developers never really bought into.”

He concludes that the organization wanted to have the Shelley test net ready for the IOHK summit. Despite coming close, they didn’t quite get there. He explained that the second half of the year will be “much more methodical, much more organized.”

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