John McAfee's $1 million Bitcoin prediction is on its best track of 2019

11 May, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
John McAfee's $1 million Bitcoin prediction is on its best track of 2019

Security expert and 2020 presidental candidate John McAfee has even more to celebrate today than the rest of the crypto community.

His bold price prediction of Bitcoin at $1.000.000 before the end of 2020 sits now only 87.6% under the estimate range where it should sit for proper arrival to the astonishing mark. Therefore, McAfee appears to be the closest he has been in 2019 to keeping all of his body parts intact, taking into account the gruesome act he has promised to perform publicly in case his forecast is not met.

McAfee made his prediction on July of 2017, while Bitcoin was still priced at $2,244. Almost two years later, the bear market of 2018 pushed prices as far as 90% from the trend which they should be following.

Regardless of the sharp price increases over the last hours, which have most of crypto Twitter commenting about the evolution of the trend, John McAfee appears indifferent to what he might as well deem as a plebeian entertainment, with most of his tweetline over the last hours centered over the ongoing dispute he mantains with the U.S. Government.

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