Justin Sun gives Bitcoin buy signal, gets roasted: 'Best timing to buy BTC'

11 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Justin Sun gives Bitcoin buy signal, gets roasted: 'Best timing to buy BTC'

TRON Founder Justin Sun has again speculated on cryptocurrency prices. Commenting on the Bitcoin rise to $6950, Sun gave a 'Buy Bitcoin signal' to his following.

In a tweet right when Bitcoin peaked at $6950, Sun said that it is 'Never too late to buy. The best timing to buy BTC, ten years ago or now.' With Bitcoin rising 10% in 24 hours, many people are firing at Sun for recommending his following to buy an asset that has seen such a parabolic growth in a short time.

On Friday, Chepicap attended the interview of Justin Sun on the TNW2019 conference in Amsterdam. During that interview, Sun was questioned about his marketing tactics, discussing crypto prices in the open while knowing he has a great influence on the community. In this chat, Sun claimed he saved the price of Bitcoin after the Binance hack.

"I definitely know I have a great impact on the community and the cryptocurrency price", Sun said on the TNW stage. "When Binance got hacked the other day, the Bitcoin price dropped from $5900 to $5700. Then I posted a tweet in which I said that I would send $40 million (the amount that got stolen from Binance) in USDT to support Binance. And the price went back up right away", Sun said about the tweet in which he mentioned that he would buy BTC, BNB, TRX and BTT with that USDT once on the Binance exchange.

Now Sun is again speculating about crypto prices, knowing that he has influence on the market.

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