Bitcoin rally: 'Bitcoin will be in the mainstream news on Monday'

11 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Bitcoin rally: 'Bitcoin will be in the mainstream news on Monday'

Bitcoin is on fire, with the price of BTC breaking the $6700 level today rising more than 7%. As you would expect, Crypto Twitter is celebrating the gains that Bitcoin is making for the last 24 hours already.

And according to some of the influencers on CT, this is not the last push we'll see in this Bitcoin rally. TheCryptoDog, a popular trader and opinion maker in the crypto space, says that Bitcoin will become mainstream news on Monday and that 'fresh bank wires will be coming in too', meaning that more buys can be expected.

Rockets and memes are back on CT too, with Bitcoin pushing to break $7000.

Others refer to the Consensus pump. The yearly Coindesk conference usually comes with a rise in price of Bitcoin.

The rise of Bitcoin comes despite negative news and FUD in the last few days. The Binance hack was a big hit for the crypto space but didn't really move the price. And Congress Representative Brad Sherman calling for a bill to ban all cryptocurrencies has only led to Bitcoin gaining more traction and popularity.

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