Basic Attention Token explodes 22%, following BTC's bullish trend

11 May, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Price Action
Basic Attention Token explodes 22%, following BTC's bullish trend

Basic Attention Token is showing an impressive 22% gain on the day, while the world's most popular cryptocurrency seems unstoppable and is surging towards the $6,600 price mark.

Bitcoin continues to prove many bearish predictions wrong with its current bullish performance as it just surged through the $6,500 mark with a 4.94% increase in the last 24-hours, which is close to a $500 gain on the day.

While Bitcoin has been leading the cryptocurrency markets, the altcoins have been bleeding hard. Until today that is.

Leading the pack of the altcoins is Basic Attention Token, which is showing a very impressive 22% gain on the day, and is trading at a $0.36 price point.

The expansion of Brave, an internet browser which is built with blockchain technology and uses Basic Attention token as means for transferring value through the browser, finally shows in its token price.

Recently Chepicap reported that the LA Times, one of the United States' premiere news sources, had been verified to receive tips through the Brave Browser utilizing Basic Attention Token, which meant they joined a growing list of prominent organizations also adopting the system.

It was as well reported that announced that it added support for Basic Attention Token to its product offering, making the best place to buy, sell and spend BAT without any fees or markups.

Brave Software's browser has been picking up momentum in recent weeks as crypto enthusiasts move over from popular choices such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and although Brave browser may not yet be mainstream, it is certainly getting the attention of advertisers who are lining up to get onto the browsers ad network.

Finally the altcoins seem to wake up, and start showing some upward price movements as well. Time for them to join their big brother.

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