Vinny Lingham turns bullish: 'I am going to become a raging bull!'

11 May, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Vinny Lingham turns bullish: 'I am going to become a raging bull!'

Founder of the secure identity ecosystem CIVIC, Vinny Lingham, took to Twitter to state that if BTC holds $6,200 for two days, he will be turning into a raging crypto bull.

Bitcoin analyst, and long-time crypto bear, Vinny Lingham, tweeted that he would turn in to a raging bull if BTC was able to hold $6,200 for 24-48 hours, as that would be a clear sign to him that the crypto bear market would be officially over.

It was not too long ago when Lingham stated that he thought the crypto winter had not subsided just yet.

Obviously, Bitcoin stormed right through the $6,200 level earlier today, surging all the way past the $6,400 price mark.

Currently, one Bitcoin is trading at a $6,408 price mark and is showing a 3.53% gain on the day.

Earlier today, Max Keiser revealed he had a chat with the CIVIC CEO in February at the Satoshi Roundtables gathering, where Lingham mentioned that if BTC manages to trade a few days above the $6,400 price mark, we would have to write the bear market’s obituary. 

We are looking forward to reading that obituary.

Slowly, but surely, even the biggest bears are turning into bulls ... some of them even into raging bulls.

Time to get with the program. This 'bull train' is leaving ... with or without you.

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