Justin Sun claims he saved Bitcoin price with tweet following Binance hack

10 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Justin Sun claims he saved Bitcoin price with tweet following Binance hack

TRON Founder Justin Sun was attending the TWN2019 conference in Amsterdam on Friday, and was interviewed by Nodeunlock Founder Elliott Calendar on the topic: 'Justin Sun as a human'. During the interview, the TRON Founder was also asked about his controversiol Twitter marketing.

Sun is never shy of trying to pump the price of one of this projects, TRX or BTT, when he gets the chance. This has given him a very enthusiastic and hyped community, but also a very dubious reputation within the cryptocurrency space.

Asked about his marketing strategies, Sun claimed he was responsible for pushing the price of Bitcoin up following the Binance hack. After news got out that 7000 BTC was stolen from the exchange, the cryptocurrency market tanked, but a tweet of Sun saved the price. At least, that's what Sun said.

Sun pumped the price of Bitcoin?
"I definitely know I have a great impact on the community and the cryptocurrency price", Sun said on the TNW stage. "When Binance got hacked the other day, the Bitcoin price dropped from $5900 to $5700. Then I posted a tweet in which I said that I would send $40 million (the amount that got stolen from Binance) in USDT to support Binance. And the price went back up right away", Sun said about the tweet in which he mentioned that he would buy BTC, BNB, TRX and BTT with that USDT once on the Binance exchange.

Asked about if it's right to speak out on crypto prices as an influential player in the space, something that would not be possible in a more regulated space, Sun said: "I genuinely wanted to help, because CZ (Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao) is my friend. I believe in him and I believe in Binance. I don't want people to lose confidence because only 2% of their total holdings got hacked."

Dubious Tesla giveaway
The conversation went on to other dubious tweets by Sun in the past, such as the Tesla debacle giveaway. Sun got accussed of rigging the giveaway because of a glitch in the 'random picker' video, in which the 'winner' was already revealed before the actual giveaway took place.

"I promised to give 1 Tesla, and at the end of the day I gave two", Sun responded to that. On the question if there was proof of that, the TRON Founder said: "We already gave the Tesla to the two winners."

'Liverpool partnership was authentic marketing'
Then recently there was also the 'announcement' of a 'Liverpool' partnership. Sun shared a video of a message sent by Liverpool, saying to the community that they were looking forward to 'exploring this partnership', with 'more details on the partnership coming really soon'.

The video message from Liverpool appeared to be directed to all business relations, and Liverpool denied that there was any form of partnership with TRON.

Asked why he prefers this type of marketing over 'authentic marketing', Sun said: "Liverpool was authentic marketing, because they send us the material and then they asked us to explore the partnership with us. And apparently TRON is a lucky enterprise, because they scored four goals against Barcelona."

So despite the controversial marketing, how is Sun able to keep his community behind him? "I think the most important thing is confidence. These days lots of the thoughts will spread quickly as crypto is a very fragile environment. You need to deliver the results, so they can actually see it."

The interview was wrapped up with the question: 'If you would have a billboard, and only one message to share with the crypto community, what will it be?'. Sun's message: 'TRON To The Moon'. To which the interviewer said: 'Prices are the least interesting thing to discuss in crypto, but okay'.

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