OKeX take swing at Binance after hack, offering $10 to "Switch to us"

09 May, 2019
OKeX take swing at Binance after hack, offering $10 to Switch to us

OKeX cryptocurrency exchange decided to take their marketing to the next level by offering new users an opportunity to get $10 free when moving from a compromised exchange to OKeX

The twitter announcement made by OKeX states "switch to us, deposit min $100 USDT from a compromised exchange to OKeX and get $10 USDT!" 

The twitter advert appears to take aim at recently hacked exchange Binance, who suffered a 7,000 BTC hack, estimated at $42 million. While the marketing ploy might seem like a good idea, it does not help that Binance have disabled withdrawals, so no users will currently be moving funds from Binance to OkEx for the foreseeable future. The downtime for withdrawals is set to be one week as estimated by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

While the OKeX marketing team might have thought it was a good idea to bring new users to the exchange. The community did not appear to like the fact that OKeX was kicking Binance while they were down.

It is safe to say, no one likes the new marketing by OKeX that targets Binance in this manner. All OKeX have managed to do is alienate potential business in the future. 

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