CZ responds to the reorganization debate: its "becoming a little twisted"

08 May, 2019
by Richard Allen
CZ responds to the reorganization debate: its becoming a little twisted

Following Binance’s $40 million hack on Tuesday, some in the community proposed a reorganization of the Bitcoin network in an attempt to recover the stolen funds. While CZ has since decided against a rollback, the discussion has been heating up on Twitter.

CZ has taken to Twitter in an attempt to provide some clarity on the situation, stating things are “becoming a little twisted.” The Binance chief confirms that they have discussed the possibility of a rollback, which came as a suggestion from Twitter user Jeremy Rubin, but ultimately decided against it.

He adds that many in the community seem to feel that just discussing the possibility of a rollback is wrong. Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz, for example, said that “talk of forking or reorganizing the blockchain is close to heresy.”

Others like Vitalik Buterin are just waking up to the situation...

CZ argues that, considering the circumstances, taking every option into account “is not a crime.” Ultimately they didn’t go ahead because they didn’t want to do it, and they couldn’t do it even if they tried.

Having provided some clarity on the situation, CZ confirms the Binance team is working hard and “progressing with real work.”

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