Prince Charles doesn't know Bitcoin ... or does he?

07 May, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Prince Charles doesn't know Bitcoin ... or does he?

Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British monarchy and eldest son to Queen Elizabeth II, was asked what he thinks about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The oldest and longest-serving heir apparent in British history was asked what he thinks about Bitcoin and blockchain technology in this video posted by Twitter user @coindorado.

While the Prince of Wales was greeting a very excited crowd in Berlin, Germany, he responded to a question about Bitcoin.

His first reaction perhaps wasn't all too eloquent:

'Heeeehhh???', the Prince replied to the question: 'Prince Charles, what do you think of Bitcoins.'

'What do you think about Bitcoins', the crypto enthusiast repeated, adding the words 'blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency', apparently hoping that one of these words would stick.

He initially brushed away the question, by stating 'Don’t know about that one'.

'No way', the Twitter user is heard saying ... just before the moment where the Prince of Charles seems to gather his thoughts, and says, 'Wait a minute!'

'Blockchain? Yes, yes!' he confirms.

'Very interesting development!'

The fact that the 70-year old Prince Charles shows appreciation for cryptocurrency and blockchain, although briefly, is proof of the immense growth the industry has seen since the creation of the world's most popular cryptocurrency and its underlying technology.

Kudos for the 1,200-year-old monarchy.

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