Starbucks announces partnership with Microsoft blockchain division

07 May, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Starbucks announces partnership with Microsoft blockchain division

According to Geekwire, the tech news site, Starbucks is setting up to use Microsoft's Azure Blockchain service to track their coffee production, as reported on May 6.

The news of Starbucks wanting to implement blockchain into their business started with Starbucks’ “bean to cup” initiative in 2018. This initiative was the company's plan to work with farmers in Costa Rica, Colombia and Rwanda and use a blockchain based coffee tracking system. The systems plan was to give customers the ability to track the supply chain of the coffee from the country of origin to your cup. It also plans on opening up potential financial opportunities for these coffee bean farmers in various ways.

Starbucks then noted that their pilot program is set to be open source to making their findings easily accessible. To make this possible they turned to Microsoft and their blockchain Azure division.

The reveal of Microsoft and Starbucks working together in multiple ways was announced at the Microsoft Build Conference on May 6. Some other projects they have talked about include a predictive drive-thru ordering system and implementing various Internet-of-Things equipment at various Starbucks locations.

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