The top 5 influencers of crypto Twitter

04 May, 2019
by Will Heasman
The top 5 influencers of crypto Twitter

When it comes to finding relevant cryptocurrency related accounts to follow, Crypto Twitter is a goldmine - and simultaneous a sh*t pile – but throughout the wastes, you will occasionally find a diamond in the rough - of course, that can sometimes end up being a polished turd, but I digress… Either way, if you’re looking for influencers you’ve come to the right place, here are Chepicap’s top 5 top crypto Twitter influencers.

Narrowing down the plethora of genuinely brilliant crypto Twitter accounts is a difficult one, but there are some which clearly shine out among the rest, and some you just can’t help but follow - so much so, that NOT following would be doing yourself a disservice – even if it sometimes feels like watching a car crash… and with that said, lets jump right in.

John McAfee:

Whether you agree with his philosophy on whale sex or not, this is an account worthy of following, if not for his almost constant (most likely paid) shilling of cryptocurrency then for his maniacal antics, which include, but are not limited to:

Predicting Bitcoin at $1 million, (or he’ll cut off and eat his own d*ck on national television) his presidential campaign in which he’s paid representative stooges to wear masks of his face, and of course who could forget that time he escaped the clutches of the IRS to flee to Bermuda…

However, if there’s one thing to get you ramped up for the future of crypto it’s McAfee’s libertarian outlook and bullish predictions. This is a man determined, and certain on the longevity of this space.

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano:

The forever optimist of crypto Twitter. If ever there was an account to check up on when you felt uninspired or lacking in faith, it would be this mans. 

Alongside his plethora of business tips, his crypto podcast, and daily newsletters analyzing the various happenings of the cryptocurrency industry, Pomp writes a weekly crypto roundup; usually consisting of the bullish (and sometimes bearish) goings on in the world of crypto. Following Pomp is also a handy way to remind yourself that Bitcoin isn’t dead.

Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao:

You can’t mention influencers without citing CZ. The quasi moderator of the cryptocurrency industry, fair, just, and occasionally brutal. While CZ is often seen as the good guy of crypto, he isn’t one to pull punches, and his influence is spread far and wide. The Binance Boss proved both his influence and badassery recently by single handily causing a delisting frenzy after removing Bitcoin SV from the Binance roster, starting a domino effect of exchanges following in Binance’s stead.

With over 335K followers CZ’s reach is almost unrivaled by his contemporaries. If there’s a major development, scandal, or pump you can bet CZ has something to say about it…

Vitalik Buterin

The creator (and non-giver) of Ethereum. Buterin isn’t shy when it comes to sharing his views on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, often providing thought-provoking ideas on the future of the industry. If the technical side of crypto isn’t your bag, Buterin can also be seen getting down in the dirt, chiming in on the latest crypto dispute ready to lend a snide remark or scathing jab with his detractors. However, first and foremost, the Ethereum mastermind is dedicated to fostering further growth of the industry.

(thought he didn’t give away Ether?)

Crypto Cobian:

Of course, we had to include the self-professed creator of Crypto Twitter. These days you can find him making apt crypto memes, or simply commenting on the state of the market. While there’s not much info on this character, one can assume he managed to get into Bitcoin early and now makes a living sh*tposting about crypto on Twitter. Fair enough.  

So that pretty much wraps up our fairly in-exhaustive list of crypto Twitter influencers. Did we miss out your favorite? Let us know your top picks in the comments!

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