Bitcoin to $275K? These are the latest BTC price predictions and opinions

02 May, 2019 | Updated: 02 May, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Bitcoin to $275K? These are the latest BTC price predictions and opinions

With Bitcoin trading around $5500, there are a lot of mixed reports on what’s next for BTC. But what are the experts saying? Chepicap takes a look at the latest BTC price predictions and opinions.

'95% certain Bitcoin has bottomed out'
First up, the analysts, with crypto researcher Willy Woo stating that it is 95% certain that Bitcoin has bottomed out. Woo surveyed different influencers, analysts and traders in the crypto space, asking them how sure they are that Bitcoin has bottomed already in December 2018 at a price of $3150.

The most bullish is Willy Woo himself, who predicts it’s 95% certain the Bitcoin bottom is in. Other bulls are Jesse Powell (CEO of Kraken, 90%), analyst Arjan Balaji (90%) and investor Michael Novogratz (85%). Trader Peter Brandt added to this that there is a 50% chance Bitcoin will go to $50,000.

'Bitcoin to drop to $3000-$4000'
Famous trader MagicPoopCannon thinks Bitcoin might reach a new bottom. In his latest analysis, the popular technical analyst states that Bitcoin could fall back to the $3000-$4000 zone, and will remain trading sideways in between $3000 and $6000 for the rest of 2019, 'possibly even into early 2020'. Not something we wanted to hear...

'$6500 on the horizon'
However, most believe the dark days for Bitcoin are over. Naeem Alsam, Chief Market Analyst at ThinkMarkets, thinks $6,500 is on the horizon for Bitcoin. 'Technicals are fully supportive and the bulls are pushing the markets higher based on that. It’s likely that Bitcoin’s price may move towards $6,000 or even touch $6,500', Aslam said to CCN.

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'Crypto Winter is over'

Barry Silbert, CEO of the Digital Currency Group, agrees with most analysts that things are looking much better for Bitcoin. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Silbert said that 'we are out of crypto winter', although he couldn't say when the new all-time high for Bitcoin will be seen.

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‘Bitcoin will replace gold in less than 25 years’
Looking at the long term, Bitcoin will be dethroning gold sooner than people might be expecting. At least, that's what Max Keiser thinks. In a tweet, Keiser stated that: 'It took Gold thousands of years to establish itself as our premier money. It will take Bitcoin less than 25 years to do the same.' Bullish! 

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'Realistic chance of $275,000 Bitcoin'
Speaking of bulls... Anthony Pompliano, partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets and the biggest Bitcoin bull of the last bear market, thinks Bitcoin can reach a $5 trillion market cap by 2024. Pomp says BTC has a realistic chance 'of a 20-50x increase in value over a five year period'. That means that Bitcoin could be seeing a $5 trillion market cap and a price mark of $275,000 by 2024...

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Buy high, sell low
If that ever happens, one guy will be regretting selling Bitcoin for sure. Last week the Wall Street Journal revealed that Masayoshi Son, billionaire and founder of the Softbank Group, bought Bitcoin at the peak in 2017 and sold his BTC holdings again in 2018, with a loss of $130 million... Somebody teach that guy the word 'HODL'!

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