CZ suggests to Elon Musk that crypto be used to fund space exploration

01 May, 2019
by David Borman
CZ suggests to Elon Musk that crypto be used to fund space exploration

Today saw CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, make a suggestion to Elon Musk via twitter that he should issue a SpaceXcoin in order to help fund space exploration. It does not appear that Musk has responded, though many others on twitter have.

The idea is novel, if underdeveloped. The notion that issuing a token could help raise funds for SpaceX is a valid one as many would likely buy in, however with the SEC already looking very closely at Elon Musk it is a fair argument that he should, at least, proceed with caution.

Though it doesn't seem Musk has responded, that didn't stop the voices of twitter from coming forward. Some have insinuated that this would only be received as a scam:

Others have embraced the idea as a great way to get the average person involved in a new effort to get man into space:

Ultimately it remains to be seen if Musk is even interested in the idea, much less how it would work in practice. Using crypto to fund space exploration is attractive thought, and likely someday someone will do a campaign along these lines, though it is unclear if Musk will be the first.

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