Amazon subsidiary launches Amazon Managed Blockchain

01 May, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Amazon subsidiary launches Amazon Managed Blockchain

The retail giant Amazon and its subsidiary, the cloud computing platform known as Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released its Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) service, according to an announcement by the Business Wire on April 30.

In making their blockchain as a service, AMB generally available, AWS plans on allowing customers to set up blockchain networks within their organization. According to AWS the AWB platform uses the Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks and can support anywhere from thousands to millions of transactions. By giving companies access to the platform Amazon states that businesses will be able to develop their own networks more efficiently and on a smaller budget.

According to Rahul Pathak, the General Manager at Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS, the AMB eliminates the need:“to provision hardware, install software, create and manage certificates for access control, and configure network settings.”

According to the AWS announcement via the Business Wire, there are already several major firms using the platform. These firms include AT&T communications, Nestlé food and beverage, and Singapore Exchange Limited.

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