Vitalik explains dev goals to Musk, but does he know that ETH runs on Gas?

30 Apr, 2019 | Updated: 30 Apr, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Vitalik explains dev goals to Musk, but does he know that ETH runs on Gas?

Once again, Elon Musk appears to be trolling the crypto community. Even though there are many hopes set into onboarding the Tesla CEO for the crypto ride, so far, his latest commitment to the cause seems as quite a casual, random one.

Regardless of the true intentions behind Musk´s one word tweet which had Ethereum holders all excited, Vitalik Buterin appears indifferent to irony and went on to set some proposals forward.

Mostly unafraid of losing his job to the former flash-CEO of Dogecoin, and perhaps aware of the attention that the most popular businessman of the U.S. could bring attached, Buterin started a thread with up to 13 proposals in reply to Musk enquiring about what should be developed on Ethereum.

Truth be told, even though Musk´s first shout-out to Ethereum appears to come out of the blue, his reply to Buterin enquiring for potential ETH developments could be slightly more genuine.

On a different, shadier note, it appears as if Calvin Ayre, the CoinGeek frontman recently scolded by crypto Twitter for his dubious activities while in Cuba, and one of the few supporters that BSV has left, felt the jealousy and decided to try to pitch the virtues of his polemic token to Musk, using once again the “original Bitcoin” version of his sales talk, if anything with an original spelling this time:

Regardless, not all crypto members are trying to prey on any possible opportunity such as Ayre did: some have taken the chance to keep up with Musk´s sense of humor and troll him back.

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